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July Featured Post

At times funny, at times deadly serious, this was a very entertaining story that blurred the lines between literary and genre fiction.

Mark Phillips, author of Beneath the Mask of Sanity


Rokula is a fun, cleanly written story that mashes together everyone's favorite monster tropes and then some.

Jason Parent, author of What Lies Within

The Rokula Saga Begins...


In their debut Contemporary Fantasy novel, Rokula, authors Sarah Roberts and Robert Gartner introduce us to a world in which all manner of monsters exist - and always have. What happens when a society so ensconched in their own definitions of good and bad is faced with the creatures of their nightmares? What if everything from the downfall of monsters as the dominant creatures, to their discovery and subsequent exploitation, is the doing of one man - one creature? Does the past define the future? Follow along as the saga unfolds.




Drake can't remember anything before becoming a vampire. Part of him feels like he has always been a monster and yet he has never felt connected to any of his kin, save for one. His kind ruled for countless centuries before finally being pushed into the shadows by the unrelenting advances of mankind. After man’s conquest, most monsters contented themselves with lurking unseen, but powers closer to Drake than he ever imagined forced all of monster-kind back into the forefront of humanity. Now, thirty years after monster-kinds’ discovery, Drake dances for the masses in the arena, fighting other monsters at the pleasure of his keepers - the Coven.


A storm brews on the horizon, forcing Drake to take a stand, pitting him against his past and his future. Will the monsters shake the chains of a society that fears them? Will the Coven succeed in their devious plans for control? Will Drake rise up and save them all?